Best Vintage Speakers Of All Time 2018 – Top Ten Reviews


For thousands and millions of people, the pinnacle of excellent entertainment lies in only the largest possible screens.

However, as a matter of fact, your large screens will be just that if you do not have a brilliant sound system to complement it.

By not having a good sounding, you are only experiencing what we may well call as half-excitement.

Best Vintage Speakers

While several television sets of the modern times have a good sound system, it is also important to notice that having just decent speakers for everyday viewing may not be enough for those who take home theatre experience way too seriously.

So, here, you need a little bit of extra oomph factor and just a dash of punch.

Fortunately, no matter how much your budget is, if you have an inclination towards the retro style, the good vintage speakers is indeed your cup of coffee.

There isn’t a dearth of good speakers and our vintage stereo speakers list here will give you an insight into what makes it the best one.

We will consider your wallet and your passion of course, apart from the tech stuff here.

A decent surround system from the pages of old books isn’t so complicated. Let’s de-clutter it.

If you have a knack of sound, you would know that some of the speakers are better audible than others.

Even when we will explain to you what makes one speaker better than other on the technical front, you would still be mystified by the fact on how it happens.

A speaker’s sound quality may be dependent upon a range of factors and certain elements, such as execution, design, materials and also execution.

Finally, when you hear what comes out of a speaker, is a summation of all these factors.

After we took hours on researching the best speakers, we realized that there is so much that goes into the making of a great speakers’ set.

But, before we go ahead, we would only say that excellence of a sounding system is a technical amalgamation of art and science.

Best Vintage Speakers Comparison 2018

Edifier r1280t
Wooden & Black
Edifier r1700bt
Wireless, Bookshelf
Bongo bluetooth wood
Wooden & Blue

Klipsch R-14M 4-Inch
Micca mb42x
In-wall, Bookshelf
Klipsch RB-51 2-Way
Marshall stanmore
Edifier r2000db
Wireless, Subwoofers, Bookshelf
Cherry Wood
Klipsch r-24f
Pyle Vintage Retro
Wooden & Maroon

Best Rated Vintage Speakers Video Reviews 2018

Great speakers? What are these? Here is your answer!

The primary role of good vintage speakers is to recreate the sound in as much accuracy as possible. Basically, their purpose is not to add the hues of distortion or remove any of it. Producing the sound as it is, is the function of good speakers. So, when we say that you hear something as it is, it means that when suppose, a gunshot was recorded or a trumpet run it was delivered to you in its true form as intended by the original source. While no speaker can commit to 100% accuracy, some of the vintage speakers are awfully close to perfection.

Now, when we particularly talk about the right vintage speakers for all time, we can say that albeit we have switched from analogous sources to the digital ones, yet the rawness and beauty of vintage lie in its retro-ness. Before we were first introduced to the beauty of vintage speakers, we didn’t see it as a good enough decision.

The iciness of our myth was instantly busted when our research started fetching results. Today, vintage speakers are a rage and more than that, they are on every audiophile’s bucket list. Nearly all such passionate people are having their pick from the vintage speakers brands and their masterpiece sits in one of their most cherished corners of the home. We will continue this discussion, but before that, we would like you all to know that even when the digital audio has come to dominate the world, there is still another era in this era itself. Audiophiles have found their way to rediscovering music through analogous audio gearboxes.

Crafted meticulously to bring the best from the vinyl records, vintage speakers for vinyl and all other formats, not only add richness and brightness to the music but also add fidelity, clarity, and color to all stereo setup systems.
These speakers are created for being fit in the best vintage bookshelf speakers of all-time categories, and also as the Vintage floor speakers, which you may even use as a part of your overall furnishing. These speakers are designed to fit ultimate music into your rooms.

Before we tell you what made it to our vintage stereo speakers list here is something that you should know. How have we judged these speakers? Read on to find out…

Our Top Three Vintage Speaker Pick’s

Among our top vintage speakers are-

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers, Cheap at the price. It comes with – 2.0 active nearfield monitors and acts as a studio monitor speaker with a wooden enclosure.If your budget is minimum then you may explore it.

The second one on our Vintage Speakers list is the Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers. It comes with active near-field studio monitors and is powered speakers 2.0 setup with a wooden enclosure.It is a high-quality speaker which can give you a GREAT audio experience.

At the third position of our vintage stereo speakers list here BONGO Bluetooth Wood Portable Speaker, which comes with a beautiful rustic aesthetic appeal flaunting handcrafted retro bamboo wireless design. This speaker is best suited for purposes of travel, home, beach, kitchen, outdoors. What enhances the sound quality of these speakers is its bass with dual passive subwoofers.

Let us have a look at the top rated Vintage Speakers on our list, basis which you can decide the best one for yourself.

Top Rated Best Vintage Speakers Reviews of 2018

In our review here, we have so far highlighted the importance of vintage speakers and how we have measured their success on our rating scale depending upon all the parameters. Going forward, we do opine here that most of the amplifiers, turntables, and receivers that you see from the 60’s and 70’s era are surely superior to the contemporary counterparts.

It is obvious that if you wish you can surely go for the fine equipment of modern technology, but to spend a fortune is not everyone’s cup of coffee.

Be aware, however, that when you buy the vintage gear-boxes for your sound system, you should look for the originality and buy them from trustable sources only.

Whether from the local shops near your home or from the online sources today, some of the greatest vintage speakers are available at a price that will surely seem to be a golden deal. Let’s get started now with our Vintage Speakers reviews list.

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speaker – Extremely Budget Friendly

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers are one of the good vintage speakers at the cheap price.


In the contemporary times, what we are seeing is a dearth of speakers like these. Edifier R1280T is an ideal fit for your home stereos or even the PCs. Accompanied with the dual inputs for a connection of multiple sounding sources, this speaker set is a class apart in the price range that we have tested so far.

There aren’t any wireless capabilities, but at a price so low, Edifier R1280T is a sure deal for all audiophiles.
Talk about the aesthetic appeal and the speakers will surprise you with a wood veneer paneling that will make it look way more expensive than it actually is.

On the sound front, the speakers are rich with adjustable EQ along with balanced, bright sound. For its pleasantly classy design and also excellent audio performance, Edifier R1280T vintage speakers owned our Editors’ Choice.

  • Subtle treble and bass knobs
  • Powerful and deep bass reaction on higher volumes
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lack of visual marker for volume control
  • No stop point on the dial


At a price so low, Edifier R1280T has earned our respect for delivering brilliant audio quality. Budget is yet another factor here and at this price, we would surely say that it’s a deal to grab this one.

If this much is what your budget allows, Edifier R1280T is a sure deal in our category of vintage speakers under 500. Spend a little more and see your options only getting better!

Edifier R1700BT Speaker – Best Bookshelf Speakers of All Time

Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers are one of the most appealing ones with active near-field studio monitors.With beautiful wooden enclosure paneling, these speakers are aesthetically appealing. Let’s have a look at this one from our vintage stereo speakers list here.

The appealing proposition is one thing that caught our attention instantly. These speakers look smart, bossy and compact- all at once. The Edifier R1700BT offers a hoot for the listeners and has brilliant Bluetooth 4.0 streaming.

And they only cost so little! While we are completely in awe of its design, the sound is equally enthusiastic, smooth and warm to our ears. With contrasting walnut vinyl, the speakers also offer excellent audio performance.

  • Aesthetically designed
  • Lovely midrange
  • Excellent sound
  • Engaging
  • Affordable price
  • Boomy bass, which often sticks out
  • Thinner treble
  • Needs better finishing for controls

When you are searching for a speaker which has GREAT sound system & Classy design simultaneously, we find out that Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers are extremely appealing.So why not you grab it quickly?

They are standing up against all odds and giving a tough competition in the market. The sure thing is that they have likable sound, which is fun and also amazing to listen. If it wasn’t for the errant bassline, we would have indeed marked it 10 on 10!

Bongo Bluetooth Wood Portable Speaker – Cheap & Stylish

Now this one is the third on our vintage stereo speakers list here. These speakers stand true to the word ‘vintage’ in a way that they boast a beautiful handcrafted bamboo design which looks totally retro. Suited brilliantly for outdoors, kitchen, beach, home and travel, the speakers also offer a wireless connection with enhanced bass.

What we feel is that wood is always better, isn’t it? The folks at speakers’ company, Otis & Eleanor have used a sustainable bamboo for wrapping up the little speakers. This has imparted it a warm resonance of the retro era. The BONGO Bluetooth Wood Portable Speaker is not just beautiful, but also capable.

The speaker also has grills, which come in a fabric that looks straight out of 60’s or 70’s. The units that we have had a chance to review, come in a range of colors and seems like an ideal fit for the decor of any house.

  • Talking about the technical aspect, the speaker uses APT-X, the best decompression software for audio
  • Not bass heavy like other speakers
  • Crystal clear and clean sound spectrum
  • Decent bass response, subtle highs and quality mild
  • Quick charging, long-lasting battery
  • Seems to be a little pricey

What will impress you at first, is its packing! Yes, you heard us right. Wrapped up in retro style with a cloth bag, these speakers look as if created from hemp but is inclusive of most of everything that audiophiles are looking for.

Quick charging (3 hours with empty battery) and long-lasting battery , is what impressed us. You may connect it with almost all platforms, such as Android phone, MacBook Pro, iPhone and even a PC.

This multi-system connectivity is a factor that provides this speaker an additional edge for balancing the old look with the modern technology. This surely is one vintage speaker that you would want to flaunt around.

Hold On! Before we progress further…

Now that we have shown you our first two cards for the best vintage bookshelf speakers of all time & one wooden Bluetooth speaker, we would like to take your insight into how you found this article to be? Do we sound interesting to your ears? Well, well! Read the rest of the article to check a detailed product description of speakers you are looking for!

For the amount of fortune that you put into your old vintage set, you would look for things that provide you a bang for each buck. Come on, you aren’t buying the modern speakers, but the damn retro classic!

The character of best retro Bluetooth speaker appeals to you and that is why you are here, researching the stuff!

We do understand that this thought about your “big vintage project” excites you and so, before we waste any time further, let’s carry on with our other vintage speakers brands to look out for.

Klipsch R-14M Bookshelf Speakers – Best for Apartment Dwellers

We managed to grab a pair of the black speakers, so we are here reviewing the black Klipsch Reference bookshelf speakers. This one too falls into our editor’s pick category for best vintage speakers under 500. This is an another cheap
speaker that you can buy now if you want to spend less.


This speaker can be called a small packet of vintage wrapped in versatility and power. The Klipsch R-14Mis primarily a monitor speaker that even with a tiny size, packs a punch of performance.

Its beauty comes out perfectly from the center, left, right and surround- wherever you wish to place it. So, this is for sure, a least demanding speaker that performs beautifully.

  • Deliver excellent performance with power for small to medium areas
  • Features Klipsch’sproprietary technology, viz. 90×90 Tractrix Horn
  • Impressive high-end response
  • Enhanced and powerful dynamics and imaging
  • Produces cleanest, clearest and natural sounds
  • Least distortions
  • The only con that we found here is low DB rating when compared to other various other model speakers from Klipsch. Higher DB is indicative of better and sounder with lesser wattage.

The Klipsch R-14MReference Bookshelf Speakers offer more oomph factor in your homes. With more flair for fidelity, these speakers are sure a happiness factor for the audiophiles. The black speakers look boisterous and speak for themselves.

Basically, these speakers are the ones that let you listen to what you have been missing so far. The best part, if you may ask so, is the acoustic technology of 70 years that company claims to be a part of American audio history.

Micca MB42X – Bookshelf Speakers With Carbon Fiber Woofer

This is one of the best vintage stereo speakers for sale. This review of Micca MB42X is a pretty good one. Here is your scoop for our review. Read on and enjoy.


These are the little jerry sized speakers that seem more or less similar to its predecessor, Micca Motion Series MB42. One thing that we really enjoyed about this one is that it is basically a crossover of Micca Motion Series MB42.

Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers come with certain cosmetic make-up, fancy grills, graphite laminate finishing and all this makes it look really vintage. These speakers sound great, not flatly toned like the previous versions.

Before walking into the pros and cons, let us tell you that this piece of the speaker is well refurbished by the company.

  • Excellent bass response
  • Clean and hard hitting
  • Brilliant balance at the bottom
  • Shifting tone at the higher volume


All being said; our final say goes in favor of Micca MB42x speakers! The reason we like them so much is that they can indeed rock any room and can be great in a small setup, like a living room or even the bedroom.

We would recommend these speakers as the first real ones and the ideal option to replace your older ones. Tonal issues exist but for a price so low if you manage to grab some deal on them, you will definitely be digging gold.

Klipsch RB-51 II Black 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers Review

If you are looking for a no-nonsense and no-compromise speaker, Klipsch RB-51 II is for you. With a great audio performance for music and movies, this one offer dynamics and versatility at one place.

The RB-51 II speaker may be a small package of excitement, but is surely a box of joy for the music enthusiasts. Excellent visual appeal and irresistible audio quality is a boon.

Offering a pleasure to the ears, the speaker produces non-fatiguing audio that is crystal clear. Aesthetically, the speaker is a true vintage product that you will adore for a long time.

  • Ideal for medium rooms
  • Dynamic reproduction of sound
  • Highly efficient design
  • More output on lesser energy consumption
  • Accurate sound production
  • Louder and clearer sounds with least distortions
  • Rear ported


Once you have set up these speakers with good wire and have a decent receiver, let them burn in to produce amazing sound, which fills into your room like never before. Listen to the excellent transition of sound, note by note, and experience a great imagery.

These are in our class for the editor’s pick for good vintage speakers under 500 because of the punch that they hold within a small box. Finally, it’s an impressive product from Klipsch. Overall, this product proves its worth to the buyer without any failure.

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker – Who Doesn’t Know Marshall?

The next one on our list of the best vintage stereo speakers for sale is Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker. You would have seldom been to a concert that doesn’t have Marshall on stage. The brand is known to up the guitar amp and offers an excellent sounding experience for the audiophiles.

Here is everything you need to know about this one-

Ideally suited for multi-room music, this species of speaker offers classic rock audio appeal. While wireless Bluetooth speakers are a rage now, you may be living under a rock if you do not know that Marshall has recently upgraded the speakers to make them Wi-Fi enables as well.

This makes lossless streaming to your room easier. With brilliant features like Spotify Connect, Chrome Cast, and AirPlay, Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker is not just a visual treat, but also an audio reprise. Bluetooth isn’t missing here because Marshall will not part ways with it yet.

  • Spotify Connect, ChromeCast and AirPlayConnect
  • Visually appealing with brass buttons, black vinyl design
  • Punch, bass-full and loud
  • High price
  • Big and heavy build
  • No remote control

The ease of using these speakers is totally must-have. Easy to connect features of these speakers make it a brilliant purchase. The only thing that puts us off is the price. But, with all pros, we go for it!

Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers – Expensive yet AWESOME

Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers come with optical input and 5-inch Subwoofer. Since we have a certain prejudice for wood here, we will again mention how wood grain architecture of this speaker appeals to us.


Even with the most numbering terms, Edifier R2000DB occupies the place in our Editor’s pick for being an excellent product below 500. A beautifully improved build and tighter lower range, the speaker catches our attention because of strong high-end, power packed performance.

The newly created eagle eye tweeter, similar to the R1700BT, is another candy on the top. Edifier R2000DB can serve a larger role with responsibility now, thanks to a lot of key features.

  • Bass definition
  • Hyper resolving treble
  • Incredibly great performance
  • Striking design
  • Versatile
  • Junky remote
  • Thin Cables
  • Glossy finish
  • A little uneven upper midrange
  • Placement sensitive

To sum up, we would say that Edifier R2000DB is an excellent improvement from R1700BT. In its price range, this seems to be unbeaten, despite being a brilliant performer.

The speakers make the sound worthwhile and give you a jumpy feel. The rawness in power and performance delivery is totally remarkable. Impactful and resolving- that’s what we found in this speaker at the given price range.

Klipsch R-24F – Best Vintage Floor Speakers

Over our course of reviewing time, what we have explored in Klipsch as a brand is that it is energetic and fills the room with nothing else. The life-like sounds from this beautifully crafted Vintage speaker are what makes us feel happy about the product.

This speaker gives the movie soundtracks, a brilliant life. These are the best vintage floor speakers, which bring an authority to your home theatre. The dynamic towers can anchor the front stage for sound for the home theatre system in your house.

You may even set them up for the two-channel music system. What you get with Klipsch R-24F is rich and big stereo sound.

  • Attractive
  • Easy to move
  • Plays really loud
  • Great power
  • Can be bi-amped
  • Tremendous sound
  • Instrument clarity
  • Bright upper end
  • Muddy midrange
  • Less base
  • Needs sub


Our final word on this speaker is that it is great! It sounds fantastic and when you pair them up with subwoofer, you get a complete worth of your money.

Pyle PUNP34BT Retro Classic Style – Vintage Radio Bluetooth Speaker

These speakers are a beautiful amalgamation of classic and modern. It comes with a great styling from the retro era and packs the latest technology in it. You may easily stream music from all kinds of devices, including tablets, iPads and iPhones.


Pyle PUNP34BTcombines the full-range stereo system with the latest technology and great design. It enables you to easily stream music from smartphones, Android and iOS.

The vintage speakers give a full coverage of sound in your rooms and can be easily made the centerpiece of any decor. The versatility of audio playback is excellent. With all the latest features, this product is a great one!

  • Truly vintage look
  • Can easily locate am and FM channels
  • Satisfactory Radio volumes
  • Adequate radio performance

This is one heck of a beautiful box that doesn’t have a lot of ho-hum to it. Simple, easy-going and packs necessary and satisfactory features. So, we are giving it a thumbs up. We leave it to you to decide further.

Before signing off, read on further to know what makes it a fully fledged vintage box with excellent audio? Read our sections below

Things We Considered To Select A Perfect Vintage Speakers

The modern sound systems are offering so much audio power to contemporary homes that it is quite justified when we see their price tag. Happiness for audiophiles may come at a higher price. Well, not really though. We do have the good vintage speakers under 500 as well. Today, a large population of people is turning to the good old times for exploring the beauty of artistic conventional audio systems. This generation wishes to find out their vintage box of joy at a price that fits into their wallet. Consumers have come to terms that the vintage speakers can be excellent, while also being affordable. What beholds a listener is the fact that a vintage speaker in any room can bring out the classic vibe there.

For any vintage speaker to be the best one, the whole sole lies in the way it functions and the produces the sound. This guide is here to explain you the functions of such speakers and will assist our buyers in selecting the right and the good vintage speakers for their entire sound system. On the technical front, this is what we considered before giving you a list of the vintage speakers brands.

Speaker Components
The speakers in any sound system function by taking the audio signals from your CD player or record payer or any source device for that matter, and then broadcast it. Your speaker may have several components, which include the drivers (primarily of three kinds, viz. Tweeter, Midrange, and Woofer), the voice coil and the grill.
Features that we looked for…
Consumers searching for the vintage speakers would want to look closely what features we considered for the purpose of our selection of the best ones. One thing that we were sure about is the fact that there is a need to check the quality of construction and also the potential of a speaker for its durability. Cleanliness of speakers and the components also play a crucial role in deciding the awesomeness of these speakers.

Most of the vintage speakers have metal or wood elements. It is on the basis of these factors that the durability as well as the audio quality of vintage speakers, can be enhanced. Typically, when the speakers have a good built and they are solid and heavy, they are assumed to deliver excellent performance with great sound.
Another important factor here is the construction of the vintage speakers. Our vintage speakers for the consumers are the ones that can handle even the rough handling. Also, we needed to make sure that these speakers that we are testing aren’t wobbly or shaky on the flat surface.

What most consumers ignore is the factor of cleanliness. Our Vintage Speakers guides are done on the basis of this attribute as well. We checked whether there is dust, grime or dirt and this can be done easily by smelling these speakers. While something like this may seem to be trivial to you, it is as important as any other factor. Why? Because this can severely affect the sound quality.

Sound Quality
Among the most important factors that can contribute to the beauty of the Vintage Speakers is their sound quality. During our inspection, we have not only checked the sound quality, but also its exterior. The high-quality items such as these need a thorough inspection. Here, one of the most important factors that make it to our list of the top Rated vintage speakers brands is its return policy and warranty, which is crucial for a consumer.
One thing that our buyers need to understand here is that there is a range of good Vintage Speakers that may sound different from each other, but they may still be able to produce high-quality audio. Some of these speakers can be excellent due to their differentiation in the music style. For example, if you are a music aficionado, it is quite possible that you may come across those Vintage Speakers reviews that would suggest you to large speakers that can help you enjoy a wide-ranging music style. Vintage speakers are a brilliant source of entertainment for those who enjoy mellow music styles, like classical music and smooth jazz.

Some of the consumers may look for the top vintage speakers brands that can offer an electric and mix-and-match kind of appearance to their overall sound system arrangement. On the other hand, there are consumers who would want the vintage speakers from same decade as the other components of the sound system. Possibly, these consumers look for the closest matching from the vintage speakers brands. No matter which side you are on, it is evident that most consumers will choose the look and style of their vintage speakers. The visual aesthetic is basically as important as the audio appeal of these speakers.

For almost all the music lovers and audiophiles, assembling of the vintage surround system and putting up the perfect vintage speakers can be a very rewarding experience. It can be a total fun. Our Vintage Speakers reviews will help our buyers in making an opposite selection on the basis of key features that we have mentioned above. With all these features, our consumers will be able to have a pick on what we call a retro panache of your Vintage Speakers.

Buying Guide

What we are trying to tell you through our vintage speakers brands is that even if they are designed to impart a retro classic touch, they still carry an extra oomph in the way they perform.

You should understand that vintage speakers just look antique and the machinery within them is totally new. Here is your buying guide if you are looking for some really nice vintage stereo speakers for sale.

Here are the points that you should consider before buying these speakers-

Looks: The reason you are buying these speakers is that you are specifically looking for something that appears classic. So, looks are actually very important to you. You may be looking for some fancy antique items for your guest room or the hall, but an antique-looking component can complete your retro architecture.

Audio: Speakers is what we are looking for, right? So, audio will be one of the most crucial factors to consider here. One of the major parameters for ranking, the speakers you choose should have clear sound with fewer booms on lower volumes and also less crass treble.

Value for money: In the reviews above, we haven’t just blatantly written about them. All these speakers have their own price range. We have checked for them and told you how much value for money you can extract at the price of a speaker. Because we want our audiophiles to have maximum satisfaction out of their fortune.

Features: When it comes to the retro or vintage speakers, there is a myriad of confusing features pushed into a pack. From Bluetooth capacity to AM/FM radio, these speakers seem to cover the most on acoustic grounds in just one device.

So, our consumers can test the speakers themselves on the basis of these attributes. The next obvious question that may crop into your mind is about the brands. So, in our next section, we will discuss the best brands.

Best Brands of Vintage Speakers

Vintage speakers may or sometimes, may not be better than your normal speakers. However, one thing that segregates them is their appearance and the way classic cults sound on these speakers.

Vintage speakers are not everyone’s choice. But, a lot of people and the audiophiles explore an ultimate acoustic pleasure from these devices.

The Vintage speakers brands include Marshall Acton, Jam Rewind, Pyle, Klipsch and Edifier, apart from others that we have reviewed above. These brands can compete in the retro market on a neck to neck basis and for their price point.

In our calculation for the top rated brands for the vintage speakers, we have given an equal importance to appearance as well as the audio appeal.

Now to answer some of the common consumer queries, follow the next section here-

Vintage Speakers FAQs (Consumers Query)

Do retro speakers look and sound any good?
Are vintage speakers expensive?
Are vintage speakers audio-appealing?
Which are the best retro speakers?
What is meant by vintage audio?

The Choice is yours: Read, understand and decide for yourself!

Any audiophile with decent vintage amp along with capable speakers will find his/her life complete. These best products have proven to provide ultimate volume, joy, and bounce in comparison to the laptop or PC speakers at a similar price. By having just a DAC, you may even export your digital signals from sources like laptop, TV or a Blu-ray player and enjoy better sound quality than a TV.

You are the end users and so, we leave this article open for you to decide. But, in a nutshell, we would only say that a vintage speaker can complete your retro classic architecture. It can be excellent audio equipment, while also being a fine flaunting piece right from the pages of the bygone era!


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