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The korg sp 280 bk digital piano, is a stylish and easy to use digital piano designed to give the pianist the best sound quality possible with ease. Produced with perfectly weighted and expressive 88 keys and sporting a classic and pragmatic design with enhanced speaker system, headphone jacks amidst other great features and available at the superb price, this musical masterpiece from top brand Korg is a must have for every music lover and their families. The korg digital piano combines comfort and style with a sound you would want to hear again and again making it one of the best pianos available in the market today.

Korg SP-280BK 88-Key Digital Piano and Speaker (Black) – Reviews

Here are some of its key features:

Stylish and powerful sound system

Music is meant to be heard and enjoyed and the korg sp 280 digital piano ensures your creative sounds are heard as loud and beautiful as possible through their new oval speaker’s system. This perfect novel 10cm by 5cm speaker design combines with the unique structure of the piano to produce captivating sounds with better resonance and improved tone quality. The korg 88 key digital piano unique speaker design also produces reverberation and chorus which enhances the sounds produced while giving the individual notes life and rhythm, all of which combines to give an irresistible music that makes you spend each day aching to get back home to your piano. Despite their moderate size, the oval-shaped speakers can produce surprising loud and powerful sounds making it a great instrument for outdoor events.

Dedicated headphone

korg digital piano listening to your music through your headphones, and that’s why the
korg digital piano 88 keys come equipped with two separate headphone jacks and a MIDI port on its rear panel specifically designed towards increasing your piano experience. You can practice on your own or when in class with your students as well as play duets with your friends without disturbing anyone around you like your neighbors or colleagues. These jacks can support a wide range of headphones comfortably giving you a large range to choose from with similarly enjoyable experience. You can also connect other musical components to the SP 280 via these jacks such as amplifiers when playing to a large audience. You can also connect a tape to record your carefully composed new song and replay it later on your own or to play it to your friends.

Fewer control buttons on the panel

The Korg SP 280 piano was built for easy use hence its use of designated normal keys for control instead of the usually jam-packed control key panels and dials on other similar digital pianos. The power switch and volume knob are located on the front panel enabling easy access and navigation of the piano even for beginners. The Sound and Piano Play buttons which were newly added to this piano, unlike earlier models, also give an extra level of control. The Sound button allows easy and quick selection of any of the ten different inbuilt sounds while the Piano Play button returns the piano to its initial brilliantly recorded concert grand piano sound.

Expressive keys

The SP 280’s Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NHI), i.e. heavier keys in the lower registers with the keys gradually becoming lighter as we progress to the higher registers, which is a common feature of other keyboards makes playing much more fun and allows you express yourself in the piano. Equally, the special Key Touch Control feature which allows you to scroll through three levels of touch ensures adaptability of the piano to any user while retaining its trademark top-notch performance and sound. These features combine to ensure a great experience no matter your level of experience with a piano i.e. either a beginner or an expert in piano use.

Optimized sound options

Korg, the makers of the SP 280 in a quite commendable move decided to stick close to the base piano tones, offering only ten exquisite instrument sound options in all, and painstakingly ensured that the piano produces the most realistic sounds pokorg digital piano some of the flashier components on similarly priced pianos from the SP 280, korg digital piano can optimize the performance and functionality of this stylish and quality piano. Some of the inbuilt sounds you can select from on the SP 280 include harpsichord, strings, organ, electric piano and more. Also featured on this piano is a damper pedal and well-positioned music rest to increase pianist control and easy music visibility respectively.

What I Liked about this Product
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It is weighted as it has all 88 keys.
  • It has an enjoyable sound.
  • It is simple to use and doesn’t feature the normal 100+ different sounds on an electric keyboard.
What I Didn’t Like about this Product
  • The Korg SP-280 piano doesn’t come with a piano stand, and buyers will have to buy theirs’ separately.
  • It’s not USB capable.
  • It doesn’t come with a recorder.

**Common Queries About This Product**

Q1.Is the piano USB capable?
A. The piano is not USB capable as it’s an entry-level keyboard.

Q2.Does it have a MIDI port?
A. It has a MIDI out port.

Q3.If headphones are plugged in, does the piano fall silent?
A. Yes, the piano falls silent when the headphones are plugged.

Q4.Does the keyboard come with a pedal and a dust cover?
A. Yes, the SP 280 is pre-equipped with a pedal.
Final Verdict
However, it doesn’t include a dust cover in its package. Compact, loud, portable, super comfortable and designed to please, the Korg SP 280 piano is a top product that is a must for every true music lover. Also available in different colors like white, black or red to match the surroundings and events and equipped with comfortable, perfectly weighted keys and satisfying sound, this top product from Korg is just the right product to deliver that true piano experience you desire. The crowning feature of the headphone and MIDI jacks that enables you record and amplify your music with your friends as well as enable you to enjoy your beautiful notes in solitude makes this piano simply perfect for pianists. Get your own piano today and create music just as you want it.

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