Esky EC 180-19 180 Degree Backup Camera Review


Esky has made a name for itself when it comes to making quality backup cameras. Esky EC 180-19 is one of its prominent item. The camera is completely water-proof. Its weatherproofing build is apt with universally approved protection code IP67. Thus, the camera is very able to work under severe weather conditions.

This rearview camera is not just a camera which somehow portrays figures in a dulled version but a fantastic one when it comes to imaging. It also offers a 180-degree field of view. 180-degree view is an impressive achievement for a camera which comes at such an affordable price.

Esky further guarantees that this product to haveminimal blind spots. Addition to the claim,there is more. The 45-degree adjustable lenses manages to get rid of the rest of theblind spots altogether.
Oh! Did I forget to mention that this baby here also offers Night navigation? The tail lights from cars usually do the trick but two LED lights aiding the illumination is better. Wouldn’t You Agree?This monitory feature comes in handy when it is especially dark or your tail lights are done for.

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Esky EC 180-19 180 Degree Backup Camera Features

Good Night Vision:

Night vision is a major factor when buying a rearview camera. Night-time is when you are most likely to hit objects. By extension, it is the time when you need your backup camera the most. A camera that cannot serve you at night is, therefore, all but useless! The Esky EC 180-19 rear view camera is an excellent night companion. Two LED lights sandwich the camera like head lights. The lights act like torches for the camera. They help it to make out objects distinctly in the dark. The result being, you only get to see your rear well-illuminated on your monitoring device.May it be a moon-less night or a full moon, you are no more left stranded in the dark.LED may not be infrared, but the Esky EC 180-19 camera, it gets the job done.

High Definition Picture Quality:

The Esky EC 180-19 rearview camera is one of the few HO enabled cameras. You get to enjoy VERY CLEAR live feeds of what is going on behind your back. An HO COD display ensures you to get clear images. We cannot talk about image quality without mentioning pixels.Can We??
The camera boasts of two very high-quality options:
* 717 by 669 Pixels
* 628 by 586 Pixels
The two options allow you to enjoy excellent picture quality. Image quality is crucial on rearview cameras. Poor quality may miss-lead you into hitting avoidable objects. For your safety and saving expenses on the long run, always consider the imaging capabilities of a backup camera before purchase. The Esky EC 180-19 rearview camera has you covered on this one. You will get imaging that can challenge high-end products of the same kind.

Excellent Field Of Vision:

Blind spots on a backup camera are simply accidents waiting to happen.Therefore,Rear-view camera companies go above and beyond to ensure they offer the best field of view possible. The Esky EC 180-19 is unmatched when it comes to the area -of -sight. It provides an adjustable 180 -degree field of view. Now, a 180 -degree field of view is a very commendable feat. In fact, only one thing is better than a 180 -degree view. An adjustable 180 -degree view. This camera offers exactly that. Adjustable cameras complement its 180 -degree field of view. Practically nothing can surprise you. With this camera, you enjoy the excellent field of view. If you are looking for a camera that allows you to see better than anyone else on the road, this is the camera for you.

Durable Build:

Durability translates to the length of time a purchase serves you. Service time is a measure of cost-effectiveness. In short, the longer an item remains useful, the higher it’s cost-effectiveness. With this in mind, you want a durable cam. The Esky EC 180-19 rearview camera is the very definition of long-lasting. It comes with a high-quality metallic frame. The whole camera is also fully weatherproofed. Weatherproofing ensures that the camera remain functional for a very long time. Unknown to most people, severe weather conditions are the major issues leading to the destruction of backup cameras. Top on that list is rainwater. It finds its way into the camera and destroys it overtime. Waterproofing a camera, therefore, goes a long way in keeping the camera in top shape.


The Esky EC 180-19 is small and very hard to notice. It fits your license plates like a glove. Another thing I love most about this camera is its ease of use. You do not even need to bore new holes to install it. It comfortably uses your license plate’s already bored holes. It is not a very rare thing to have your backup cameras to get stolen. This attribute of being camouflaged makes Esky EC 180-19 less susceptible to thieves.
This small camera will truly surprise you. For a camera that hides in plain sight, it is one of the most helpful guide when it comes down to backing the car up or parking in tight spots at night.

What I Liked about this Product
  • The camera fits inconspicuously onto your license plate.
  • The imaging is magnificent.
  • The LED lights significantly improve Night vision.
  • It is very easy to setup and use.
  • The metallic frame makes camera very durable.
  • It is weatherproofed and will handle adverse weather conditions.
  • It offers very many features for its pricing.
What I Didn’t Like about this Product
  • It does not have infrared capabilities.
  • Rainy weather may fog up the vision of the camera.

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**Frequently Asked Questions**

Q1.How do you turn on the guidelines?
A.The guidelines are always on. In fact, switching them off entails turning off the camera.

Q2.How do I know if it’s compatible with my monitor?
A.The Esky EC 180-19 is consistent with all screens that support NTSC video input. If your monitor does,you are good to go.

Q3.Can I hook it up to a monitor that does not support RCA connections?
A.Yes. But you will need an adapter to mediate the link. In this model only supports RCA connections.


The Esky EC 180-19 backup camera is a superb bargain where you win way more than you pay for. It will serve you with high-end features for low-end prices. The only downside being that it fogs up during a heavy downpour. Fogging up is a very common issue with any rearview camera. Almost all cameras fog up during heavy rain. Fogging up can quickly be sorted with a quick wipe. Then again, it affects very mildly on this gadget particularly. It is not significant enough to blind your camera.

Finally, metallic cameras usually go for double the price of this camera. This camera is as durable and metallic as the best of them. Esky has given us an amazing rear-view camera for alow-cost price. Buying this camera would definitely be a wise choice. If you are thinking of purchasing a rearview camera, consider Esky EC 180-19as the product to go to. backup camera. It is clearly an excellent purchase.


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