Best Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2018 – The Complete Buyer’s Guide


To Give your kitchen a perfect look, you just need to install the great kitchen faucets which are versatile and durable enough. There are many designs available on the market. The different model has different styles and features which may easily confuse you.

Best Kitchen Faucet Reviews 2018

This is why it is very necessary for you to work closely with your interior designer. Most of them have been made with chrome finish. While the others have been made out of the black finish.

Take time and assess your kitchen design to make the right decision on the good kitchen faucet. There are different types of faucets which will dictate the type of kitchen faucets you can install. The best way for you to go about it is to compare different designs available. We have picked the

Top 3 Best Rated Kitchen Faucet

and reviewed them so that you will find out easily when trying to choose one.

Kraus KPF-1612 Single Lever Pull down Kitchen Faucet Review – Best Kitchen Faucets 2018

There are specific features in Kraus KPF-1612. For instance, it comes with superior rust resistant features. You will never worry about the faucet developing rust. It has lite touch single lever flow control for you to access the right stream of water for different sink applications. If you will like to achieve smooth flow, the integrated two ways divert-er make it very easy to achieve the smooth flow of water. We tested the faucet and we highly recommend it. You can even decide to have it on all your commercial premises and the outcome will be great.
What We Liked About Kraus KPF-1612
Lead-free brass construction:

Lead is among metals which people associate with safety issues, you will have done yourself a great favor if you will go for this type of kitchen faucet. It has been made out of lead-free construction. The brass construction makes it among the best rust resistant faucets you can have installed in your home.

Lite touch single-lever flow control:

When trying to let water flow, you will just apply simple touch on the lever and it will let water flow to your desired stream. You will notice a big difference after you start using the faucet. It has been made to assure users great control of water flow.

Heavy-duty commercial-style spring design:

For you to achieve great durability when using the faucet, it comes with a heavy-duty commercial style spring design. This makes the kitchen faucet among top choices which you can go for if you will like to install it in commercial premises where many people will be drawing water.

Integrated two-way diverter:

This allows you to achieve a smooth flow of water. Controlling the water flow from the faucet is very easy. You will have full control when it comes to washing different items in the sink. The sink is among the best we recommend for you if you will like to buy the best quality kitchen faucet the first time.

Powerful pre-rinse spray:

You need a powerful pre-rinse spray so that you will have a clean sink. This will even contribute towards making your kitchen sink very clean. A clean kitchen sink will motivate you to work in the kitchen. It will as well avoid cases where you will risk infection in your kitchen.

What I Liked about this Product
  • High-quality lead-free brass construction.
  • Lite touch single lever flow.
  • Heavy duty commercial style spring design assures you great durability.
What I Didn’t Like about this Product
  • Does not employ motion sense technology.
Your Questions Our Answers
Q1.Is Kraus KPF-1612 durable?
A. Yes, the faucet is among the most durable. It is made out of commercial style spring. This will assure you long-life in your kitchen before you can think of replacing it.

Ufaucet Oil Rubbed Bronze High Arch Kitchen Faucet – Best Budget Kitchen Faucet

The Ufaucet is made out of stainless steel. It features a spiral spring handle. The faucet works well for single lever kitchen sink. If you have already installed sinks in your kitchen, you will make the right decision. Some people will like to have unique items in their homes. If you will not like to stick to the common nickel faucet around, you can go for something different. Ufaucet comes in a unique oil rubbed bronze finish.
What we like about Ufaucet Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucet
Antique Oil Rubbed Bronze finish:

There are some buyers who will like to stay unique with quality faucets. We find this type of faucet very helpful for them and also high-quality faucets. The antique oil rubbed bronze finish will make you feel that you have changed the look of your kitchen.

Great design of kitchen faucet:

You will have something to be proud of. The faucet has been designed to make you feel happy and kitchen faucet quality is really Impressive. If you are carrying out home improvement and you decide to have the kitchen faucets replaced, you will have a completely new look at the installation of the kitchen faucet. It brings out a modern deep chocolate style with copper undertones.

360 Degree rotation for comfortable use:

With high arch spout design which allows 360 Degree rotation, you will eliminate inconveniences in your sink operation. There are times when you will like to put aside the spout and work on your sink, the 360 rotation makes it very easy for you to just offset the sprout so that you will have enough room to wash whatever you will like to have it clean on your sink. The great design is aimed at making you achieve great peace of mind when in your kitchen.

Dual Function Pull-Out Sprayer:

With the faucet, you will easily achieve functions such as powerful cleaning rinse. If you will need an aerated stream, it is just a matter of settings and you will have the right amount of water you need for different operations.

Spout reach 10 inch:

The faucet is made to assure you great peace of mind if you are out trying to buy a big faucet. It has a sprout which extends to 10 inch. The big size and its easy rotation make it very comfortable when working in your kitchen. Most chefs will recommend this type of faucet if you will dare to ask around before you make your purchase. It also allows adapters to easily fit.

What I Liked about this Product
  • Big in size
  • Durable
  • Great unique finish
  • 360 Degree rotation
  • Dual finish can draw aerated streams as well as high pressure sprays.
What I Didn’t Like about this Product
  • Not suitable for those looking for small faucets. This is applicable if your sink is small.
Your Questions Our Answers
Q1.Should I buy Ufaucet Oil Rubbed faucet?
A. Yes, the kitchen faucet is among top rated which you can buy. It is durable and highly adjustable to different sink conditions.

Q2.Who should buy the kitchen faucet?
A. If you are about to install kitchen accessories, for those constructing homes, then you are the right candidate. You can as well install the kitchen faucet if you will like to improve from the one you already have in your home. This is necessary because there are some kitchen faucets which have been fitted with more features than others.

Q3.Can you install kitchen faucet on your own?
A. Yes, it is a simple procedure which you can accomplish if you love DIY projects.

Q4.Does the faucet leak?
A.No, if you will close the valve well, it won’t leak. It is a high-quality faucet designed to assure you great comfort when at home.


If you are online trying to search for the best kitchen faucet which you can buy, we recommend for you to try the Ufaucet. It has been made to meet the highest standards possible and It has all it takes for you to be assured a comfortable kitchen.

Delta Faucet 9113-DST Essa Single Handle Kitchen Faucet – Who Doesn’t Know Delta Faucet?

The Delta Faucet 9113-DST is among the best choice for those looking to transform their kitchens. It is a pull-down kitchen faucet with magnetic docking technology. With delta faucet, you will have impressive chrome in your home. If you are still worried about durability, the item is very durable. It even comes with a lifetime warranty. If by any chance, you will break it during installation or when working in your kitchen, you will have it replaced free of charge.
What We Like About Delta Faucet 9113-DST
Easy to use:

The deltas magnetic docking spray wands precisely into place. This makes your work at the kitchen very easy. If you are looking for a magnetic docking faucet enabled, this is among the best we recommend for you. From several people who have installed it, it works very well. The design is great to make any kitchen look great.

Touch-Clean Spray Holes:

There are some areas where tap water is full of minerals. In such locations, you need to install the Delta Faucet 9113-DST. It has touch clean spray holes which make the process of removing mineral build-up from your faucet very easy.

Swivels 360 Degree:

The high arch sprout rotates freely through 360 Degrees. This assures users the enter sink access. You will just have your items in the sink and move the spout till the spray hits the right target.

Great Durability:

The diamond seal technology used in making the faucets makes them among the most durable in the market. They can last for up to 5 million uses before you can think of the replacement.

Long pull down spray wand:

The pull down spray wand features a 62-inches hose. This provides a 20-inches reach. If you are among those who will like to be assured of great comfort, then order this type of kitchen faucet.

What I Liked about this Product
  • Very durable, can last for up to 5 million uses.
  • Comfortable uses magnet docking technology.
  • Rotate through 360 Degrees.
  • Lifetime warranty.
What I Didn’t Like about this Product
  • It is a big faucet.
Your Questions Our Answers
Q1.Is Delta Faucet among the best for buying?
A. Yes, if you will buy this type of kitchen faucet, you will have made the right decision. It is among top-rated kitchen faucets.

Q2.How much does Delta Faucet 9113-DST cost?
A. The faucet is priced at attractive rates. You will be assured of great value for your money after you order it.
We have tested different types of faucets. But, we highly recommend this particular product. We have narrowed our kitchen faucet reviews to top 3 with an aim of making it easy for you to choose the best. To buy ours recommend best kitchen faucet and you will always smile while in your kitchen working on the sink.

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