Best Fully Automatic Turntable 2018 – Guideline to Buy


The magic of Music is really amazing so you should hold the music in your hand. Old music record really touches your heart why don’t you buy a turntable. But buying the right one is a really tough job for the first time until you are not aware of the right way of buying the best fully automatic turntable.

Best Fully Automatic Turntable

So here I am giving you the guideline to buy the best one. You just need to follow some steps or important points before buying this turntable. Here we go-

Check your wallet:
Before you leave for the shopping it is really very important to decide your budget. The budget you increase the quality of the turntable will be better. If you are looking for the inherent sound quality, then I recommend you to invest 50% of your budget. Because it is the matter of music, the source of music. My suggestion goes for the hi-fi system.

Find a good space to place it:
You may buy the best one along with the amplifier and speakers but the important thing is space, where you will go to place your Turntable. As you know some turntable is really bigger than the others. So it will be better if you go for the portable one, it is removal, I mean after finish the program you can move that anywhere.

Second Hand can be a good selection:
Budget always not matter, sometime bargaining really works. When buying the second-hand item, there is the possibility that you may get the find and useable turntable. It will be just like a treasure if you get the 80’s turntable. This will be the cheapest one but the biggest one to achieve. But remember one thing if you are a beginner or fresher then be sure about the conditions and others necessary deals of your purchased item beforehand over the cash. But if you do not understand the things then I must recommend you to go for a NEW one.

Go for the Sound quality :
As you have made a plan to enter into the world of vinyl records. Then you should have a perfect knowledge of buying the new or old turntable. Now, in market updated versions are available, it is decorated well like all the electronics parts are hidden inside. You just need to plug it in and lost into the world of music. Always go for the great sound, the quality. So among various new and updated models, you can go for the all in one design for the sake of great sound quality.

Device and its capability:
Checking the device and playing the music is not enough to know the turntable’s capability. Most of the turntable is really easy to handle. In any shop you will get the plenty of designs along with some modern features and capabilities, so be aware of purchasing the vinyl. Some turntable has the features like – headphone socket. Direct plug and play options with the speakers and some turntable has the USB port too.

Don’t be afraid while setting the Turntable:
Its true that some turntable looks complicated and difficult to set up but some modern versions are really updated and easy to set up, so don’t get tensed. Installing is really easy just need to set up the cartridge. Overall nowadays this is really a painless system to listen to the music.

Questions you need to ask:
Maybe some of you have the experience of buying a good looking automatic turntable? Yes, and after buying that you realize you have been cheated. So before buying an elec, ironic instrument, you should ask some questions to the retailer about your purchase item. Now I am giving you the list of questions:

  • Ask that guy – turntable works properly or not?
  • How older that turntable?
  • That guy is the original owner, ask that too
  • How many hours you can use it?
  • Ask was it used for any DJ night? ( If so then don’t go for it)
  • Will it come with the cartridge and stylus, those are in good conditions?

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If the seller is really able to give all of the above-mentioned answers then no doubt you will go to have a decent turntable. But you can always go for the online shopping as it will provide you a return and refund options too.


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